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My GSOC 2013 proposal


The Dashboard Widgets API idea fascinated me ever since Eric Mann suggested it on the Make Core blog which during that time I needed to create a dashboard widget for a private project and I found the current API to be more of a collection of functions then a proper API.
I feel that the foundations are there but lacking a standardization when compared to the Widgets API for sidebars.

The Idea

So the Idea suggested of creating a Template method pattern object that will be extended to create widgets much like the Widgets API for sidebars is the missing piece For the Dashboard Widgets API to be more complete reusable.
I also think that since in the last few years WordPress is being used in a more CMS-oriented manner (web applications, intranet, eCommerce, forums, web portal, communities …) then before that the WordPress community would benefit from such an API which plugin and theme developer may find more useful and hopefully easier to create Dashboard Widgets than the current way.

The Goals

So the main Goals of this Project are:
1. To create a Template method pattern object (the API) that will be extended to create widgets much like the Widgets API for sidebars. This Template object will hold all necessary properties and methods to create, register, display, configure and update the widget.
2. To revamp existing dashboard widgets using the new API and once it’s created and tested.

Thank you for reading and as always your feedback, opinions, questions and suggestions are more then welcome.

Ohad Raz

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