About Me

How Am I?

My name is Ohad Raz and I'm currently on my 3 year of software engineering degree.
I have been online for about 7 years now of developing websites and web applications ,
for the last 5 of them working almost exclusively on WordPress platform which this site is all about.
In the past I have worked for as a team leader for a large website building company in Israel, in which i had to do some internet marketing and SEO for the company's clients.
I have a lot more going on but not sure what of it is relevant so I'll stop here.

What is This Site?

I created this site for a couple of reasons:

  • First and most importantly this is my site as a WordPress consultant, A WordPress Developer and as a WordPress Freelancer.
  • Lately i have felt the need to publish some of my use case of the WordPress platform and share my thoughts.
  • I needed a place on the web to give users of my plugins support.
  • I needed a Blog to write about my plugins and share code snippets.
  • And yeah O.K , I was board.

Basically its a site to help you guys keep track with the development process of new plugins and a few tips and ticks here and there and listing of the WordPress services i provide.


Ohad Raz.