WordPress Services

I provide a variety of WordPress related services

How Much is it?

The million Dollar Question, Well its no where near million so you can calm down.
As you can see i provide a large variety of WordPress Services and each one comes with its own pricing tag so i prefer working on a per project bases. I have a minimum project fee of $25 and I do accept projects as hourly billed bases on a fixed hourly rate per project type.

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  • WordPress Installation Services

    WordPress Installation services
    This is the most basic WordPress service that i provide. I install all the files that you need to get WordPress up and running on your server including all themes and plugins of your choice go get you going.

  • WordPress Training

    WordPress Training
    If you’re new to WordPress and need help in getting around or an expert designer/developer looking to expand your knowledge, I can bring your learning curve down to size and save you numerous hours of learning. One of the WordPress services I offer ongoing training in one-hour blocks via phone,chat or email, or custom made Tutorial videos to your needs. If needed I’ll work with you on your site or one of our training sites.

  • Theme Development and customization

    WordPress Theme Development and customization
    Not my strongest side but fear you not, since I team up with some of the best designers that can take your fantasy, visions, and goals and turn them in to a perfect design. Alternatively if you have a design built already and want some modifications done, it's an easier and saves you the designer fees all i need is a list of modifications you need, it's usually the best option if you know what you want.

  • WordPress Custom Plugin Development

    WordPress Custom Plugin Development
    This is my strongest side by far and accounts for about 80% of my projects, if you would like a custom plugin from scratch, As another one of my WordPress service I do custom development form small-sized plugins to large scaled plugins job.

  • WordPress Consulting

    WordPress Consulting
    I provide help with WordPress troubleshooting, configuration, widgets, plugins and themes installation or modifications, high end optimization. Also take a look at Custom WordPress Web Applications below.

  • Custom WordPress Web Applications

    Custom WordPress Web Applications
    WordPress is no longer a blog publishing platform like it started out. Today its a full scaled CMS (content management system) and after a few large scale projects i dare even say its a Web-Based application framework. So Custom web-based applications built using WordPress is another service i provide and i can safely say that no matter what kind of project you got, WordPress IS the right tool for the job.

  • WordPress Maintenance

    WordPress Maintenance Services
    WordPress is an open source platform which gets updates in high frequencies, not to mention plugins and themes. Now I understand that upgrade,updates and backups is not for everyone and that is why i provide WordPress Maintenance packages where i take care of all of the "Annoying Stuff" that come with running a WordPress website and all that is left for you is to blog or publish you content worries free.

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