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Hello, My name is Ohad Raz and I have been online for about 8 years now of developing websites and web applications ,
for the last 5 of them working almost exclusively on WordPress platform which this site is all about.
Currently I Work for a large Internet marketing company in Israel.

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Social Comments

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WordPress Installation Services
This is the most basic WordPress service that i provide. I install all the files that you need to get WordPress up and running on your server including all themes and plugins of your choice to get you going. All you have to do is pick the right plan for you:
WordPress Custom Plugin Development
This is my strongest side by far and accounts for about 80% of my projects, if you would like a custom plugin from scratch, As another one of my WordPress service I do custom development form small-sized plugins to large scaled plugins job.
WordPress Maintenance
WordPress is an open source platform which gets updates in high frequencies, not to mention plugins and themes. Now I understand that upgrade,updates and backups is not for everyone and that is why i provide WordPress Maintenance packages where i take care of all of the "Annoying Stuff" that come with running a WordPress website and all that is left for you is to blog or publish you content worries free.
Theme Development and customization
I team up with some of the best designers that can take your fantasy, visions, and goals and turn them in to a perfect design. Alternatively if you have a design built already and want some modifications done, it's an easier and saves you the designer fees all i need is a list of modifications you need, it's usually the best option if you know what you want.
WordPress Consulting
I provide help with WordPress troubleshooting, configuration, widgets, plugins and themes installation or modifications, high end optimization. Also take a look at Custom WordPress Web Applications below.
WordPress Training
If you’re new to WordPress and need help in getting around or an expert designer/developer looking to expand your knowledge, I can bring your learning curve down to size and save you numerous hours of learning. One of the WordPress services I offer ongoing training in one-hour blocks via phone,chat or email, or custom made Tutorial videos to your needs. If needed I’ll work with you on your site or one of our training sites.
Custom WordPress Web Applications
WordPress is no longer a blog publishing platform like it started out. Today its a full scaled CMS (content management system) and after a few large scale projects i dare even say its a Web-Based application framework. So Custom web-based applications built using WordPress is another service i provide and i can safely say that no matter what kind of project you got, WordPress IS the right tool for the job.

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