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Say i have a function i need to run only once, Well WordPress will let you do that if you call that function inside a plugin using register_activation_hook but every time the plugin is activated.


I have a function i need to run once only at the activation of my theme, or simply using the some code in my functions.php file.


I wrote this handy little class that i based on WordPress conditional tags.

* run Once class
if (!class_exists('run_once')){
	class run_once{
		function run($key){
			$test_case = get_option('run_once');
			if (isset($test_case[$key]) && $test_case[$key]){
				return false;
				$test_case[$key] = true;
				return true;
		function clear($key){
			$test_case = get_option('run_once');
			if (isset($test_case[$key])){


Let say that my function is called do_something and i want i only need to run it once Ever

// create a new instance of the class
$run_once = new run_once;
if ($run_once->run('do_stuff')){

But but what if i want to reset the conditional check for a specific key so it will run once more? Still very simple:

// create a new instance of the class
$run_once = new run_once;


Copy this code in to your theme's functions.php or include it in your plugin file.


Both function of the class take only one parameter:

$key - (string) the name of your conditional run once check.

As always feedback is more the welcome.

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