WordPress Content templates

WordPress Content templates with Shortcodes UI

Ever now and then i get a client that asks me how to create WordPress Content templates to make their life easier when they create new posts.
So the solution i provide is always the same "use Shortcode UI plugin!" and here is how.

Creating Content templates

Once you install the plugin:
Create a new Shortcode, Enter your content template in the editor
WordPress Content templates
Make sure the "shortcode type" is set to "simple snippet" and set your "ShortCode Tag" to something like: "post_tpl"
WordPress Content templates
Assign "content template" category to the shortcode (the first time you will need to add this category)
WordPress Content templates
Save and you are done with creating your first content template.

Using Content templates

So after you easily created your content template, using it is even easier:
Create a new post, and click on the shortcodes UI TinyMCE button
WordPress Content templates
Select "content template" and your content template as shortcode, and last click the "render into editor"
WordPress Content templates

After you do that you will have your content template in place and you can start writing the new post with the template in place.

This is just one of the many uses for the Shortcode UI plugin.

Ohad Raz

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