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Simple WordPress Auto Installer for WAMP(and maybe other amp stacks like xampp....) is something that i coded after a friend of mine asked me if there is a fantastico installer for WAMP, which was funny since he only needed it to install WordPress.
The i figured Installing WordPress is a very simple flow of

  • downloading the latest version.
  • extracting the downloaded zip file.
  • creating a new database.

And since I'm such a good friend 🙂 and I myself install WordPress locally on WAMP a few times a day then i coded this really quick script that takes care of the flow above and has a few additional features.



Panel layout

Video Overview:



  • Install latest WordPress Version.
  • Install last nightly build version (beta) WordPress Version.
  • install using a custom packed zip file (local or remote)
  • Auto create wp-config.php file.



Simply drop installer.php file in your www root directory and access it using your browser of choice.

Once you are there you will see something similar to the image above, fill in the required fields and click GO the scrip will then download the latest copy of WordPress, extract the files to the directory you named and will create a new database (assuming that you have provided the needed information) and then will take you straight to where all you have to do is set you sites name, your username and pass and you have a new WordPress Installation ready to roll.





Please use the Issue tracker for bugs, support and feature requests .



This script is licensed under GNU version 3 which basically means you can do any thing you want.

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